Family owned farm

Family owned farm dedicated to breeding, feeding and selecting the best snails available to serve our customers.

Trade and distribution of alive, preserved and frozen snails to wholesaler and retailers.

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Buy now in the shop online snails mesh, natural or cooked with our delicious special sauce for snails.

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Alive snails

snails mesh 2, 3 and 5Kg

Cabrilla Snail

cooked and preserved natural

Boiled snails au naturel

cook at your taste

Homemade cooked snails

Snails special homemade sauce

100% natural flavor

The snails are feed according to a specially designed diet developed to guarantee an optimal growth. This diet consists of balanced  animal fodder as well as an special emphasis  to organic vegetation and vegetables,  always avoiding the use of harmful products.  Full traceability of our snails guarantees their quality.

Héctor y Juán Gil Caracoles de la Vega owners

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Guided tour around the farm, and final taste our snails

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